Unique structures and natural objects inspire me to create jewelry where organic components are set within a contemporary frame.

I hand-form every piece of my wearable sculpture from polymer clay.  I use several techniques including caning, engraving, weaving, layering, and many others for which I don’t have names. 

It was a fund raising activity for my temple that got me into playing with polymer clay in
2004.  It was a long story with some twists and turns.  In 2007 I opted to do art/craft
full time.  I used to work as an environmental researcher in Oak Ridge, TN, so you know
I glow in the dark!


Saul Bell Design Awards, Finalist, 2019
Polymer Journey, 2016, 2019
1000 Beads, Lark Book, 2014
Niche Awards 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016